Ziarat is the capital city of the Ziarat district, in the north Balochistan, Pakistan. It was properly established in the 1980s. It is a tourists point and a holiday resort with the lush green environment and cool weather. Moreover, it has been also famous for holding one of National Monuments of Pakistan.

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Ziarat is about 140 km from the Quetta city of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located at an average elevation of 2550 meters from sea level.

The Ziarat is a natural hill station and can be reached from Quetta passing a highway road. Another way of visiting the valley is going through Harnai District But it is also a dangerous road. However, from Loralai it is little difficult than the former one due to less rugged road conditions.

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Ziarat has a special value for the people of Pakistan. It is not only because of being it’s a holiday resort or a touring place, it has also value for being having a special Residency House, where the Top leader (Quaid-e-Azam) of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent very few days, but the most memorable days of his life before his death. He spent his days when he was very ill in Ziarat Residency. This Residence has been declared as an important National Monument of Pakistan.

Because of its beautiful greenery, tremendously personified charm, the beauty of conifers of Ziarat and the surrounding juniper valleys depict good scenic view for visitors. It is the best hiking and trekking site where families can come. It is also becoming the popular city for loveliest snowfall during the winter.The weather’s

The weather’s behavior is unpredictable here but as a whole, it is not so harsh. It is a best place to be visited in March-September.


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