When it is talked about the heart touching and glorious places in Pakistan, the name of Uchali lake comes in mind. This lake is located in the northern western area of Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan. The lake is most beautiful and popular place for a picnic in the Soon valley. The Soon valley has scenic beauty, with lakes, waterfalls, jungle and natural pools of green water.

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The Uchali lake is in the Soon valley and located in North West of Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located approximately 330 KMs from Lahore, and 190 KMs from Capital of Pakistan.

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The coolest thing of Uchali lake is that every year a huge number of birds fly over a long and arduous journey from Siberia and other Central Asian Republics to this place and other wetlands in Pakistan during the winter season. These birds stay here and lay eggs here till the end of the month of March when their young ones get ready to fly with parent back home. Sunrise is the eye-catching moment, when on stands on a path and from other side sun rises. It’s all dramatic and romantic scene. One will never forget.

People come here with families and friends. Most of them set here with their camps and catch the amazing moments of nature.


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