Siri Paye Meadows are the most eye catching, beautiful and one of the scenic places in Northern Pakistan. Its name is native driven which means “High Grazing Ground”. During the spring season, the flowers bloom and these adorable creatures seem wow-inspiring with the white background view of the Makra Peak, here nature blushes everywhere. This place is the quite best for an amazing adventure or even a full-fledged tour away from your stressed and monotonous routine. The natives are very friendly. During summer, this place allows you to go beyond your thinking in enjoyment and provides everlasting joy. One can never ever forget the beauty and splendor of this place and it will remain embedded in the memory for a long period of time. One finds unconfined when he gets into this captivating and natural hideout that features bountiful thrills and phenomenal tracks to the adventurers. Words can never explain the stupendous beauty of this heaven on earth.

Location (Get In)

These lush green meadows are located near Shugran valley, approximately 10 KMs away and 40 KMs far from the city of Balakot. These meadows are 220 KMs away from the capital of Islamabad, Pakistan. The beautiful meadows are located at an elevation of 3000 meters (10,000 feet) and only jeep ride or horse ride can take you there, otherwise hiking is the best option. The meadow’s one of the splendid things is its lake that is formed by the mounts of Makra, majestic Malika Parbat and Moosa ka Mussala peak. The lake is located in the center of these mountains at an elevation 9500 feet equating to roughly 2895 meters, but the mountain peaks surrounding the lakes are much higher.

Best Time to Visit Siri Payee Meadows

The Siri Payee meadows are the evergreen beauty of nature, can be visited at any time. It is covered in snow in winter and water flows in hilly canals down the tracks of the hills around in summer months. So depending on what visitor wants can visit accordingly. However, it is not recommended to visit it during summer as there will be rough hill sliding and the sun would be hot to handle.

Trip Tip

Adventurers who love to walk through the mountains and love to camp in these meadows must keep items like warm clothing, hiking boots, hats and others simple stuff. The camping equipments must include tents, fly sheets, pegs, precooked food, walking sticks, weatherproof rucksacks, carrying bags and other hiking equipment as sometimes these meadows’ accommodation are house packed.

Precautions and Survival Tips

Here are some of the simple tips which should be kept in mind while undertaking this trip.

  • When you use a jeep for the uphill climbing, make sure that driver is experienced one. it should have driven in mountains.
  • Always make sure that you and friends must be physically fit to travel.
  • All the equipments and instruments must be in operative use.
  • Never engage yourself in non-natural activities that destroy the natural habitats of nature.

The beautiful meadows are located at an elevation of 3000 meters (10,000 feet)