Shugran valley winter wonderland located in the northern areas in Kaghan valley of Pakistan. Being the fascinating adventurous spot in Kaghan valley, few kilometers from local place Kiwai a dense forest of fir and pine welcome you to the beautiful plateau of tremendous scenic meadow, fenced by thick pine forests with an altitude of approximately 7800 feet. This alley looks awesome in the summer season when ice n rocks melt and cool water flows down the hills. It gives a mild pleasure to people who love to be there at time. In the Shugran Valley many peaks could be observed such as Makra peak, Moosa ka Musalla peak and Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of mountains).

To Do List

Hill walking and trekking are healthy and excellent activity. Trekking towards Siri Payee is highly recommended. Walk towards the Paya meadows provide one the most incredible and charming view of green grazing fields and snow clad mountains of Makra peak and Moosa ka Musalla peak. One must take all necessary luggage with to enjoy hiking and trekking.


Shugran valley is located 10 km from Kiwai, 34 KMs from Balakot city and 220 KMs from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

How can we get there?

The Shugran Valley is accessible from a road that leads to Kaghan valley, the most visited valley of Pakistan. It’s a hiking point so after Kiwai 10 KMs distance can be traveled through jeeps or it could be hiked. One enjoys the river that flows during the journey (from Balakot 40 KMs from shugran) named Kunhar river. Roads are in pretty good condition and even cars and vans can ride on.


Weather of the meadows is very cool at night and about 3 Celsius at night and 20 Celsius at daytime in summer until September. Well in the case of winters the mountains are snow-packed and from a far distance, it looks like the mountains touch the sky. It is a non-visiting site in winters.


There are a number of accommodators in Shugran to welcome its visitors and provide shelter for them such as Shugran Hotel, Kahakshan Hotel, Grand Land Hotels and Pine park Hotel. The prices range from 3000-8000 rupees or 60$-100$ per night.


Meadow paye shugran valley

Beautiful point for visit ``Kewai`` Shugran Kagan Valley District Mansehra photo by Syed Najaf Ali Shah