We put our best efforts to utilize our resources in such a way that they do not compromise the needs of future generations. We consider followings while conducting our business:

The economic dimension of sustainability:

  • Employee care — employee engagement is based on the trust, care, integrity, two-way commitment and constructive environment where everyone is treated equally, at Chukar, we believe that employee care is directly proportion to customer well-being.
  • Legal compliance — we consider laws are made for the betterment of our society, so, we have a strict approach to comply with relevant laws.

The environmental dimension of sustainability:

All of our leather products are manufactured without compromising the sustainability of endangered or near to endanger species. Further, we also intent to shift the need of our valued customer to fabric oriented products.

The social dimension of sustainability:

  • Fair Trade Ingredients – we ensure our suppliers have safe working conditions, reasonable working hours and are paid fairly.
  • Corporate Philanthropy – the company donates a portion of its pre- tax profits to corporate philanthropy.