Out of many architectural carvings of Mughal Emperors like Forts, Mehals, Masajids, the Punnu’s fort has a special value that leads to a love story. This fort is totally made of mud and was built in the beloved memory of “Punnu”. Some archeologists also claim that the fort could date back to 6500-8000 BC. However, the fort is still known as a signatory love of “Sassi and Punnu”. Punnu was a sound character of a true love story between Sassi and Punnu but the story ended with tragedy and tears.


The Punnu Fort was built in the southern region of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is at 15 Km from the Kech District of city Turbat (The city of graves) of the very province.


Historically it is believed that this was built by Mughal Emperors in the memory of Punnu and Sassi, a couple falls in love. Many archeologists claim its history to be very old and relate to 6000 BC. Many archeologists also found graveyards and many skeletons in the fort, but it is still very hard to relate the findings and can not be explained logically.

A Folk Tale

The fort reminds the history of Sassi and Punnu ( A folk tale) who were died for each other’s love. It was said that Punnu was a prince and Sassi was waterman’s daughter and they fell in love at first site. The father of Punnu was not happy for the marriage of Punnu with Sassi, nor his brothers were happy. Sassi and Punnu were played off by the Punnu’s brothers and father. She stranded to find Punnu and Punnu stranded to find Sassi and ultimately died at the same place. Both have died for each other’s love. People of Turbat still remember the story told by their fathers and to them their fathers and so on and now they are known to the world. People built their shrine at the same place where they died and they give respect for their love.

Tour place

It is a historic place that reminds the true story of love. Its a  must visit place. There are many watchable Palm trees. The extreme production of the area are dates. The dates are so good that are compared with the famous dates of Basra. People come here and watch the historic monument.