Pishin Valley is one of the northwestern natural masterpieces of Balochistan, Pakistan. The valley is the central spot of festivity and many other cultural harmonies, consists of thousands of fruit species garden, as the soil is so fertile here in this hidden part of the country. Primarily the Pishin Valley is famous for its fruit orchards and scene greenery but there are many other reasons ( i.e; Cultural festivals, Folk dances, vegetables, crops and agriculture) to know about it and to see the Valley.

Do & See

The valley gives out an amazing picturesque look during winter when plants do bloom with glory and shine. It is a must visit place, specially in winters when the tiny plants grow up. Besides being the tremendously beautiful it also provides tourists the stance to take part in Trick Horse ridding, Horse Jumping and dare devil car driving as a fun.

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The valley is very much known as an agricultural and horticultural hub. Most of the agricultural activities are “Karez” supported due to lack of water supply in seasonal variations. “Karez” is basically the supplying of water in form of drops to the point of plantation. This system basically is an artificial system of irrigation and still the beast system used in these areas. Most of the crops and vegetables have been grown using Karez system for many decades.


The place is very festive one and holds many festivals which are celebrated during winter, autumn, spring, at the end of crop year and at start of it. For example they welcome the year by famous folk dances and rejoice the welcome of the year.More festivals such as

  • Harvest Festivals
  • Dog and Hare races
  • Duck Shooting

are held at this valley

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Pishin Valley is situated in Pishin District, 35 miles from the Quetta ( The provincial capital city of) Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located in the northwestern part of the Balochistan.


Pishin Valley during winters