Phandar Valley (also known as Mini Kashmir) is located 162 km from the capital city of Gilgit of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The valley is famous for a zigzag road passing through lush green fields, forests with a view of a flowing river and icy peaks.


Phandar Lake with dark blue water is famous for being the home of trout fishes, the area of the lake is about 3 km.

The valley is considered an exceptional due to uncommon attributes like levelness of the valley and fast growing rivers.

There are also glaciers in the valley which are the fundamental source of water for irrigation, two famous glaciers are ‘Ghonogh Glacier’ and ‘Ghacherkick’.


The beauty of the valley goes at its peak between June and July, so this is most suitable time to explore the valley.

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Phandar Valley can be reached both from Gilgit and Chitral, if you are coming from Chitral side, there are 146 km with approximately 5 hours of drive.


To accommodate tourists, there is the PTDC motel and Phander rest house, available at economical rates.


Phandar Lake

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