Understand Kalam is a beautiful village along the upper valleys of Swat on the Swat River, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK province of Pakistan. Location Kalam Valley is about 360 Km from the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. One can reach here by passing through Mardan, Batkhela, Mingora and then Bahrain. From Bahrain, it is approximately 29 Km and about 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) above the sea level, the valley opens up, providing the scenic view of a small but fertile plateau above [...]

Swat Valley

Understand Swat is one of the marvelous and stunningly beautiful valleys in KPK province of Pakistan. Moreover, it has one of the oldest civilizations’ histories and many beautiful sceneries one could ever see. This wonderful place has also been named as Switzerland of Pakistan. Location Swat is located in the North-Western part of the KPK in the frontier province and at the foothills of Hindukush mountain range. It lies in the region where South Asia, Central Asia, and China meet, therefore , Swat [...]


Understand Chiniot is a historical city of Pakistan, it is the main city of the Chiniot District in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan. The city is mainly known for its amazing and unique wooden furniture and for its great architecture. Chiniot consists of many historic and architecturally constructed Havelis, Mosques and other buildings. Get In It is located at a distance of 40 km from nearest city Faisalabad, It is situated at the left bank of the Chenab river consists of rocky [...]


Understand Mohenjo-Daro is an archeological and historic site in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It was built around 3000-4000 BCE and known to be the world’s earliest and largest development in the Indus valley civilization. Mohenjo-Daro stands for the Mount of The Dead and it was named so because of the reason it was abandoned in its era of developments. The site was rediscovered in the 1920s. Get In It is located on the western side of Indus River and in the central area [...]


Understand Ziarat is the capital city of the Ziarat district, in the north Balochistan, Pakistan. It was properly established in the 1980s. It is a tourists point and a holiday resort with the lush green environment and cool weather. Moreover, it has been also famous for holding one of National Monuments of Pakistan. Get In Ziarat is about 140 km from the Quetta city of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located at an average elevation of 2550 meters from sea level. The Ziarat is [...]

Punnu Fort

Understand Out of many architectural carvings of Mughal Emperors like Forts, Mehals, Masajids, the Punnu’s fort has a special value that leads to a love story. This fort is totally made of mud and was built in the beloved memory of “Punnu”. Some archeologists also claim that the fort could date back to 6500-8000 BC. However, the fort is still known as a signatory love of “Sassi and Punnu”. Punnu was a sound character of a true love story between [...]

Pishin Valley

Understand Pishin Valley is one of the northwestern natural masterpieces of Balochistan, Pakistan. The valley is the central spot of festivity and many other cultural harmonies, consists of thousands of fruit species garden, as the soil is so fertile here in this hidden part of the country. Primarily the Pishin Valley is famous for its fruit orchards and scene greenery but there are many other reasons ( i.e; Cultural festivals, Folk dances, vegetables, crops and agriculture) to know about it and [...]

Clifton Beach (Sea View)

Understand The city of Karachi has many tremendous beaches in its vast cradle. The watchable site is the famous beach of the city where thousands of people come whether on holidays or on regular basis, can be seen enjoying the view of the sea and breeze enjoying in parks or seaside benches.  The nature lovers have a lot of opportunities to visit other beaches of Arabian Sea. The Clifton Beach is also known as Sea View which is the busiest [...]

Pakistan Monument

Understand Pakistan Monument is one of the national monuments of Pakistan like Minar-e-Pakistan and Bab-e-Pakistan, the architecture aims to symbolize the national unity amongst the people of Pakistan. The monument is located at the heights of Shakarparian hills in the capital city Islamabad, Pakistan. The foundation of the monument was laid on 25 May 2004 and was inaugurated on Pakistan resolution day March 23 in 2007. There is a wax museum adjoining the Pakistan monument that depicts the events leading towards the [...]

Kel Valley

Understand Kel is one the beautiful valleys of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. It is a very picturesque place that joins the flow of Neelum river, huge mountains, and sheer hills that can be seen from the valley. It is an outlandish and amazing site in the winter that one can never forget the unforgettable moments spent here. One of the beautiful things of the valley is valley itself and the sound of the Neelum river that flows all the way. This [...]