Pakistan is very famous for its natural beauty and it is a renowned place for adventure. Pakistan is the home of more than hundreds mountains and hills, most of these are very famous and are one of the biggest mountains is the world including K-2, NANGA PARBAT, TIRCH MIR, RAKAPOSHI. All of these mounts are more than 7000 Meters above the sea level. There are many other mounts which are nearly 3000 Meters above the sea level and attract the adventurers, tourists, and even its natives. One of these mounts is “MiranJani” which is about 3000 meters above sea level.

Miranjani is one of the highest peaks of Abbottabad District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, province of Pakistan. It is situated in the “Numli Maira” area, in Ayubia National Park, about 80 Kilometres (50 mi) north of Islamabad in the western Himalayan range. Miranjani is splendid and outclass beautiful place and an attraction for tourists and hikers.

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Miranjani is located near Jehlum River and Nathia Gali. It is an only 2.5 hours deal if one travels through Kashmir Road. Miranji Mountain is nearly 84 Km from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. From Nathia Gali it takes about three hours to reach the peak.

The beauty (See)

The mount’s top offers spectacular views. Places can easily be seen include Azad Kashmir, Jhelum River (Kohala), Abbottabad city, Havelian, and Thandiani, in a sharp sun, the ‘treacherous’ mountain Nanga Parbat can be seen 170 kilometers away but it takes two hours more hiking towards Nanga Parbat viewpoint.


This peak provides the hikers the charming moment to enjoy hiking and reach the top of the peak. Many tourists do camping here. This beautiful landscape can never be forgotten by the one who visits this hillside.

Things to remember

  • Always hike in summer and never forget to take precautionary steps to avoid any complexity.
  • Always hike in a group and/or in a team.
  • Take necessary food items (including water) and medicines.
  • Be physically fit and be with the prepared mind because this scenery will give 2-3 hours tough time.

Miranjani Peak from Mukshpuri Top