Makran Coastal Highway is one of the National Highways also Called as National Highway 10 or N-10 is a 400 miles highway. It is named after Makran City of  Balochistan, the province of Pakistan. The 560 KM highway extends along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast from Karachi in the Sindh province to Gwadar in the Balochistan province. It covers many cities on its way passing through the towns and cities of Balochistan.

Construction Facts

The construction work of the Makran Coastal Highway Project was a three-year project. It was commenced in 2002 and was completed by 14 December 2004.

The construction work for the Makran Coastal Highway was presented to Pakistan’s Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), which built the Bone of trade between Pakistan and China Karakorum Highway also name as “The Silk Road”.

This highway is milestone making two cities at the distance sides of few hours. The two cities Karachi and Gawadar both are the Financial hub of Pakistan and has a great importance towards Pak-China trade and relations.

Basis Of Construction

The basis of the construction of the highway was to link the Gawadar Port with the Karachi city in Sindh. Before the Coastal highway, the port city of Karachi was linked to the port town of Gwadar via an uncarpeted, rough and orthodox kind of road.

With the following objectives it was the need of the hour:

  • The development of infrastructure and provocative work towards the economic activity in the Pakistan’s coastline.
  • The basic development of the coastal cities of Ormara, Pasni, and Gwadar into major port cities and making them trade hubs.
  • The perfect system of the transportation and communications and proper infrastructure in Balochistan.
  • Linking to the remote and far places of Ormara, Pasni, and Gwadar with the rest of Pakistan’s national highways network.
  • Reducing the time to travel with the luggage from port to cities of Pakistan. Moreover, it has made the Seaford of Pakistan’s coastline known to the world.


The highway has made the distance of two days into few hours journey. To travel between Karachi and Gwadar used to take nearly two days with a heavy toll on the “wear and tear” of vehicles. Moreover, the transportation preferred the safer but longer route via Quetta.

The main benefit that for transportation system after completion of the Makran Coastal Highway was that the average journey time between Karachi and Gwadar has been reduced to only 6 to 7 hours. Moreover, the transportation costs have also been reduced.

There are many benefits attached with the construction of a National Highway but these can not be defined in words. These benefits would obviously take part in the development in the success of a country like Pakistan.