Lulusar Lake is the defining beauty of Kaghan Valley. The Lake is famous for many reasons, such as it is located in the center of many huge mountains as like Saif-Ul-Malook Lake.


The beautiful lake is located in the Northern region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. Lulusar lake is about 50 Km from the Naran Valley at the sides of Naran-Babusartop road.


The Lulusar Lake is much bigger and more beautiful eye-catching site than the other lakes. Moreover, it is encircled by snow-capped mountains, making it a glorious tourist attraction.

In the summer, when the glaciers melt and pour water in the lake, the water reflects its surroundings like a mirror. This is the most charm scene and hence a large number of both local and foreign visitors make the lake a destination stop.

In winters, the lake is almost inaccessible because of heavy snowfall and drizzling. Plus the roads are also covered with snow. Even the local residents merely move out of their houses.

The best time to visit the site is when it’s summer, as there is no snowfall. But, the heavy rainfall is observed twice a week as an average.

Naturally Formation

The main water source of the lake is a river, “Kunhar”, ¬†that flows through out Kaghan Valley passing through the Jalkhand, Naran-Kaghan, Jarid, Paris and Balakot until it falls into the Jhelum River.

The rain in summer and the side mountains snow melts and pour water in the lake and supply water for the natural formation of the lake.

Historical Incident

It is a very famous historical place in many historians’ point of view. In some historians view the Lulusar Lake is where about 55 participants of 1857 war of independence were arrested. These arrested warriors took part in the war and they ran to save themselves, but caught and brought to death.

Trip Tip

  1. While visiting the lake one must remember that the road to the Lake is very naturally absurd so hiking should be done in stages. So that the tiredness cannot be felt.
  2. Jeeps can be hired but expensive, from the Naran Valley to visit the lake, hiking should prefer.
  3. Visitors must consider the mental and physical fitness of the team.
  4. Always be a team while going out for such natural place.
  5. Take medical aid box with you because it is very unusual to find a doctor here.
  6. Campers must take a week’s food that not only meets the energy demand but also the stamina.