Tirich Mir or Turch Mir is one of the highest peaks in the world, located outside of the great Himalayas-Karakoram mountain range in the district of Chitral, Pakitan. Tirich Mir is basically a range of mountains collectively about eleven mountains consist of this range. The highest peak is said to be The Tirich Mir and its height is about 7,708 meters from sea level or 25,288 ft. It is so huge looking mountain that can be seen clearly from approximately 150 miles.

The King of Darkness

The natives speak the language of “Khuwar” like many other nearest villages speak the same language. It is a firm and native belief that this mountain is named as “Tirich Mir” from origin name “The King of Tirch”. Tirich is the name of one of the valleys of Chitral where it is located. The word “Tirich” is itself derived from old language meaning as “Shadow” or “Darkness”. That is why it is called “The King of Darkness”. This bizarre mount is also known as “The Roof of the world”.

Get In

The Tirich Mir is located in Chitral District in Pakistan. This mount overlooks Chitral Town and can easily be seen from Chitral Main Bazar. The last town in Chitral before this mount is named Tirich. People are available who can ride with one to a certain level of the mountain as a guide and beyond that point, they do not go further.


An altitude-influenced coldest weather can be experienced at the Tirich. In winters this temperature is about -22° C and minimum is about -35°C. In summers the temperature of the area is about 15°C from June to September.

Summit of the Roof

As being one of the Ultras of the Himalayas and Karakorum, it was firstly climbed in 1950 by Arne Næes, P kevernburg, Tyyony Streather and H.Burg ( Norwegian expedition).


Beautiful View of Chitral and Tirich Mir in the Background