Kalam is a beautiful village along the upper valleys of Swat on the Swat River, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK province of Pakistan.


Kalam Valley is about 360 Km from the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. One can reach here by passing through Mardan, Batkhela, Mingora and then Bahrain. From Bahrain, it is approximately 29 Km and about 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) above the sea level, the valley opens up, providing the scenic view of a small but fertile plateau above the river of Swat.

Summer in Kalam

Kalam is known for its natural beautiful waterfalls, heart touching lakes and lush green hills. It is a very popular destination for tourists. It is the Kalam where the two rivers with the different colors: Ushu and Utrot rivers join to form the Swat River. It’s a great place for picnic.

Here, the metalled road ends and the rough and crushed road leads to the Ushu and Utrot valleys. From Matiltan some snow-capped mounts are viewable including Mount Falaksir, one of the high mounts in the region.


Kalam has generally warm and mild temperate climate. The average temperature in Kalam is about 15°C. However, July being the hottest month of the year having an average temperature of 24.1 °C similarly January is the coldest month has an average temperature of 2 °C. April is the rainy month and rain fall is usually observed with an average precipitation of about 103 mm.

The average rain fall is approximately 700 mm and even in the driest months of November, there is a lot of precipitation of about 20 mm.

Hill Stations Nearby

There are many viewpoints for visitors, tourists, and campers. For example:

  • Matiltan is a scenic spot and located at about 10 km away from Kalam. It consists of huge glaciers, thick forests, and lofty mountain peaks. One can never imagine the beauty of the area.
  • Ushu hill station exists in the north east of the valley also at the distance of about 10 km from Kalam Valley.

There are other beautiful spots where one can camp and enjoy with family and friends, such as Gabral and Utror Valleys.

Lakes Of Kalam

Kalam has the large number of glacial lakes i.e: Mahodand lake, Kundol Lake, and Izmis Lake.  At the average distance of about 45 Km is Mahodand Lake, one of the largest & scenic lake in the Swat at the foothills of Hindu Kush mountains. This lake can be reached by using vehicles like a four-wheel Jeep and Toyota Fielder etc. The road to the lake is very beautiful with thick forests on its way and rugged road, that makes it very eye-catching site.