Ayubia National Park also known as “Ayubia” is a wild life park in the hill stations of Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the province of Pakistan. This is an indigenous park that provides a habitat for the wild life. Though this is naturally enveloped parked but it has been re-established by the government of Pakistan in late 19th century. It was named after the second Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan in 1984. The park consists of approximately 8,200 acres of total rugged land and small hills covering with conifers, pines, and oaks. It can also be called “Oakland” because of dense oak forests in this park. Originally park stood at 850 acres but with the passage of time to conserve the natural habitats of the wildlife, it was expanded in a period of time to 8,200 acres.


The park is a habitat for nearly 21 plants species belonging to the 19 scientific families of plants, famous for their medicinal properties. Even the herbs are used for the medical purposes. For example to cure
• Jaundice
• Stomach ulcers
• Snake bites
• internal infections
• Diabetes
• Psoriasis and many more.
There are about 110 species of animals in the park. Moreover, this natural ark harbors more than 200 birds’ species including
• Vultures
• Golden Eagles
• Eurasian Sparrowhawks
• Hill pigeons

Tour of Ayubia (Do & See)

Ayubia is about 30 km from Murree hill station, more than 100,000 tourists visit this place every year. The alluring park is one of the best and tremendous visiting sites of Pakistan. One must visit the site to enjoy the adventurous paths of the park and seeing the wildlife moving alongside the park. The eye-catching and scenic chair lift in the central place of ayubia takes tourists to the nearby summit for a view of forested hills. Moreover, the park is surrounded by many beautiful and small villages such as Ayubia, Thandiani, Nathia-Gali, Khanspur. one must also visit these villages, full of recreational sites and natural habitats of wildlife. Visitors enjoy riding trails, hiking spots, picnic points and motels.


In summer, it’s cold in here but it’s snow-packed in winters. The best time to visit the park is when it is late July and early August. It is very beautiful to enjoy monsoon in the park. Cold water of the rain flows in small streams in canals, that are very enthusiastic. This park should be visited in summer rather than in winters when it’s snow-capped.


Track in Ayubia