Pakistan is the country of natural and vast dams, each dam is more adventures than the other. Most beautiful dams in Pakistan are Rawal Dam, Tarbela Dam, and Khanpur Dam. The most splendid and beautiful dam in Pakistan, Khanpur dam is one of its types.  It attracts the visitors due to its beauty and its enthusiastic look. It is not only a dam but also a reservoir which supplies drinking water to the twin cities of Pakistan (Rawalpindi and Islamabad). It is one of the necessities that supplies water for irrigation to surrounding areas as well as other cities nearby.


Khanpur dam lives at Haro River near Khanpur village, therefore named after the village name. The dams’ construction was completed in 15 years by the 80s and approximately 1400 million rupees were spent on. This dam is about 170 feet high (55 M) and 110,000 acres feet or 140,000,000 Cubic water can be stored in it. Khanpur Lake’s surrounding is covered with scent full flowers, flowering trees with garden and secluded paths.


Khanpur dam is located about 50 KMs from Islamabad, at the 20-minute drive from Taxila Bypass on GT road and about an hour from Islamabad. When moving towards Khyber-Pakhton-Khawa (KPK) at Taxila Haripur Road we come to see this adventures picnic place.

Khanpur Dam Festival

For every year a spring carnival is arranged here at Kanpur dam. This festival attracts thousands of tourists from twin cities as well as from outside cities and country. It has colorful and attractive events to show off. The water sports include motorbike riding, sailing air boats and boat riding.

The festival also depicts the culture of all provinces of Pakistan with their respective folk stories and folk dances. One can enjoy a lot in this festival.

Charm of it

It is the ideal place for families, youngsters, group friends, and couples. Everyone can visit this place and can have never forgettable fun. Following are fun activities here:

  • Fishing and boating
  • Underwater swimming
  • Adventurous water sports
  • Skiing and angling
  • Spelunking and night caving
  • Rock climbing and cliff diving.

A view of Khanpur Dam