Khabikki Lake is a salt water lake, situated in the soon valley, Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. it is one in all the foremost astonishing carvings of nature. This Lake is found in before long Sakaser depression within the southern region of Pakistan. Khabikki Lake, Jahlar Lake and Uchalli Lake are a part of the soon valley also located in southern region of the salt range of Pakistan.

One of the very good and scenic sculptures of nature is within the heart of mountains and really paints the pictures of northern space lakes of Pakistan.


The most amazing thing of this lake is that Central Asian birds are attracted towards these Lakes of soon valley which include White-Headed Duck (Oxyura Leucocephala). The Lake itself and the greenery around the area make it breathtaking beauty. The natural scene is provoked when it rains, natives term it as real life line as there is no canal system in hilly areas.

For the ease of the tourists, developments have been made near Khabikki Lake. These developments include;

  • Restaurants
  • Tourist information center
  • Cycling tracks
  • Landscaping (Hard and soft)
  • Hiking Trails
  • Staff Residences

Moreover, many sitting arrangement and arrangement for birds sighting have been established.


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