Keenjhar Lake or Kalri Lake is one the fresh water and largest lakes in Pakistan, in the savage deserts of western Sindh, Province of Pakistan, moreover, showing its beauty by the side of the Indus river makes it more superb and adorable. The view of the Lake in the evening is sizzling. While keeping in mind about the beautiful and natural places in Asia-Pacific, this is one of them.


At the distance of about 130 kilometers from Karachi, in the District of Thatta, Sindh, one would come across the beautiful lake with the length of about 25 kilometers and width of approximately 6 kilometers and maximum depth of 30 feet, the lake presides by the side of The Great Indus River, that flows parallel to the lake.

Famous For

The lake is very much famous for the folk tales attached with its history. For example like other folk tales of “Heer-Ranjha” a famous folklore of Sindh, Noori and Jam Tamachi is linked with this lake. The jam was the ruler of Province Sindh, fell in love with the Noori and married the beautiful fisher’s girl Noori. In the middle of the lake there is a white cemented tomb which is Noori’s tomb. It was built in the beloved memoy of her.

Another folklore of beautiful Pir and Sonehri, (the prince and the fairy) is also related to this place. Moreover, many folk poets founded the Lake as a great source of inspiration and meditation point.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai was a great Sufi of his time and he also praised this place in his poetry.

Recent Developments

In the past few years, two lakes named Sonehri and Keenjhar were formed together by the government of Sindh. The formation was brought to supply fresh water to the people of Karachi and Thatta District as a result of growing population.

It has been considered as a significantly crucial place for the wildlife. The local government is taking reasonable steps to keep the natural place for the habitats of winter birds like Flamingos, Herons, Gulls, Duck, Geese, and Coots.