Kaghan valley is considered to be a pearl amongst the most beautiful valleys of the Mansehra district, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. It is a popular summer holiday resort for tourists from both within the country and abroad. There are many beautiful and eye-catching places to see and enjoy.


Kaghan Valley is situated in KPK, at an average distance of 250 kilometers from the capital, Islamabad. while moving towards Kagan we see different towns and cities, such as Taxila, Abbottabad, Mansehra and Balakot.

Featured Languages

The languages spoken by the people in the valley are Hindko and Gojri while the national language Urdu is also widely understood.

Famous For

In the heart of the Himalayan region, near the foothills of the Koh-e-Hindukash, the beautiful Kaghan valley is a famous spot for the summer picnic and winter enjoyment. The valley is famous for

  • Kunhar river – the main feature of the valley
  • Hill station
  • Gujar nomads with their cattle
  • Honey sellers
  • Potato farms
  • Trout fish

Places Nearby

  • The very first beautiful town comes our way leaving Shogran behind, is Kawai. Situated at a distance of 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Balakot. Passing through thick forests of pine and can be extremely prone to landslides in wet weather.
  • Leaving Kawai behind, visitors find themselves in Shogran, a heavenly beautiful place with beautiful scenic views. It is situated at the approximate height of 2500 (7800 feet) meters above sea level. Shogran offers the one to the view of three beautiful snowcapped peaks, Musa ka Musalla, Makra, Malika Parbat.
  • Siri Paye is a steep climb leads you the stunning plateau of Siri and Paya after Shogran. Siri and Paya is a located right above the uphill Shogran. Siri is basically a plateau and Paya is instantly recognized for its beautiful lake that reflects the nearby it. One can be reached through a jeep drive or a 2.5 hour hike from Shogran.
  • Manna meadows are situated merely at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. It takes approximately 4 hours from Paya to reach Manna meadows through a rugged hike. However, there is also a 3 hour hiking track from Manna Meadows to Shogran. The best time to visit these beautiful Meadows is Mid of summer because it is this time of the year when the flowers are in full bloom.

Other well known places are