Jahlar Lake is a salt water lake in the soon valley of Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. It was named after the Jahlar village situated at the bank of the lake. The water of the lake is slightly acidic even you can wash your clothes without soap or washing powder however it does not affect the attractiveness of the lake. During winters, many species of birds flock towards the lake to feed on the fishes and other aquatic life of the water.

Physical Properties of Jahlar Lake

The lake is about 950 feet high from sea level with a length of 35 miles and width of 9 miles approximately.


The lake is roughly 20 kilometers (on the roadway) south of Naushera, and if you are coming from the Sargodha side, you may choose Kathwayi to Jahlar road.

Stay Safe (Precautions)

Tourists are advised to:

  • Visit the site at the daylight,
  • Do not swim because of the deepness of the lake,
  • Better to use your own conveyance, and
  • Bring food with yourself as there are no hotels and restaurants nearby.

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