Harappa is an archaeological site, located near the city of Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a famous ancient city with ruins of a Bronze Age fortified, which was part of the Cemetery H culture and the Indus Valley Civilization. It is believed that the city has had around 370 acres with clay sculptured houses, for as many as 23,500 residents. At that time, during 2600–1900 BC, the population in this area was considered large of its type. The name is given to site because of the modern city of Harappa located near Ravi River, which is 6 km away from the ancient site.


The Indus Valley Civilization is known as Harrapan Civilization, was a Bronze Age civilization during 2600–1900 BC, It was the Indus Valley Civilization with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia are considered only three early civilizations of the old world. It was rediscovered in the 1920s during escalation at Mohenjo-Daro near Larkana in Sindh and Harappa. The Indus cities are noted for their baked brick houses clusters of large non-residential buildings, elaborate drainage systems, urban planning, and water supply systems.

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The city is located in west Punjab at 24 km distance from Sahiwal, in the south of Lahore. Most convenient way to get in Harappa is through N5 National Highway by having turn on Harappa road exist.


Ancient City

Living style and techniques of people in the Indus Valley Civilization like well with bathing platform in homes, baked brick building construction and drainage system can be seen even today in the ancient city of Harappa.

Harappa Stadium

Handcrafted objects by ancient people of Harappa are displayed in the museum, which were discovered while rediscovery of this ancient city started in the 1920s.

Darbar Baba 9 Gaz

People also prefer to visit the grave of Islamic Sufi, which is famous for its length of approximately 27 feet.


People prefer to visit during day time and stay in Sahiwal.

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Although, there are a number of small private hospitals in the city but Two major hospitals, DHQ Hospital and Christian Mission Hospital are located in Sahiwal, at 24 km from Harappa. The institute, Punjab Emergency Service, 1122 also provides emergency services with ambulance by dialing 1122.

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