A view of the lake during summers


Hanna Lake was originally built as a dam for irrigation during British Colonial era in 1894, however later; it also became a water sports resort.It is situated at 14 km from Quetta city of Baluchistan, Pakistan and being famous for the habitat of Golden fishes.

See & Do

The combination of the sandy brown hills in the background of the lake and the greenish blue water in the lake provides wealthy contrast to witness the beauty of nature.

The lake is also enriched with golden fishes often visit the edges.

There are also high pine trees surrounding all around the lake.

Boating at the lake will provide you unique moments in the middle of the lake; there is also a small island in the middle.

Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy was inaugurated in 1986, where rowing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming and boating training is given. The academy was named after Hayatullah Khan Durrani, a renowned for caving and Mountaineering Adventure in the province.

Get In

From Quetta road, there is 6.6 km to reach the lake with approximately a drive of 20 min.  For public transport, Public wagon service operates from city bus station to the Lake. Further, you may also hire a vehicle through the PTDC information desk in the city.

Stay Safe

While boating, ensure that the boat is not overloaded as on July 6, 1990, 40 people have died and 8 injured after an overloaded boat capsized.


A vintage photograph of the Hanna Lake - Image Credit/ Friday Times

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The lake during winter season