Ghabral is a wonderful hill station, comes at a distance of 20 km from Kalam, KPK, Pakistan. It is situated at about 39000 hectors with the population of about 4000 people. The valley is famous for brown Swati fish (trout), thick lush green forests, medicinal springs, lofty snow clad peaks and beautiful lakes.


It is located at 5Km from Utror valley in Swat and 20 Km from Kalam Valley. The valley is surrounded by Chitral district in north, Utror valley in the south and south west.

Famous For

Ghabral valley is famous for its environment and beauty. It is located at 2600 meters from Baila and at about 5200 meters at Karkare Lake.

Moreover, the valley is also famous for medical plant collection, 44 kinds of medical plants were collected and 14 of the collection were exported to foreign countries. Findings of Pakistan forests institution claims that more than 75 crude herbal drugs are extensively exported and more than 200 are traded locally.

Places Nearby

Ghabral valley itself is the beautiful carving of nature and has many superb places near by like:

  • Shahi Bagh lake located towards the north west of Sazgul region at about three to four hours of trekking is worth seeing.
  • Kalam Valley
  • Utror Valley
  • Swat Valley
  • Mahodand Lake.