Darbar Mahal is a historic palace located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. This city is the 12th largest city in Pakistan and formerly it was a princely state ruled by Nawabs. The Nawabs furnished the city with many historic monuments such as Darbar Mahal, Noor Mahal, and Sadiq Ghar Palace. Darbar Mahal was constructed in 1905. The total area of the palace is about 75 acres.

Darbar Mahal is very beautifully designed and have too many doors. The Rooms of the palace are furnished with beautiful furniture and carpets. The roofs of the palace are made up of mosaic and walls are made of marble. There are large lamps which add to the beauty of the palace.

There is also a big gallery in the palace which was once used as an art gallery but now it only has a few rare paintings of the former rulers of the State of Bahawalpur.


The construction of Darbar Mahal was commissioned by Nawab Bahawal Khan V in 1904. It took almost one year to complete the construction process. This palace is one of its kinds among other places constructed at that time. After its completion, the palace was dedicated to one of the Nawab’s ¬†wives. After the Independence of Pakistan in 1947, the palace was given to the Pakistan Army. It also served as a sitting bench for the regional court of the State of Bahawalpur. For the last two decades, the palace is reserved only for the Pakistan Army.


Darbar Mahal is now under the control of Pakistan Army but its grounds attract many tourists as they give a beautiful view of the palace. It has quite a potential to serve as a tourist attraction site owing to its old architectural style because of being reminiscent of the Indian Subcontinent. Darbar Mahal is one of the few such places in the ‘princely state’ of Bahawalpur.

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