The city of Karachi has many tremendous beaches in its vast cradle. The watchable site is the famous beach of the city where thousands of people come whether on holidays or on regular basis, can be seen enjoying the view of the sea and breeze enjoying in parks or seaside benches.  The nature lovers have a lot of opportunities to visit other beaches of Arabian Sea. The Clifton Beach is also known as Sea View which is the busiest spot of Karachi, filled with people all day and a whole night.

The Karachi Clifton Beach was rated amongst the most popular and famous silver sand beaches of the world in the 20th century.

Beach Attractions

The beach has many bountiful and charming attractions for the people of all ages and genders, for example:

  • Nearby amusements park where all fun rides that we see in a high voltage driven park.
  • Camel rides and horse rides that are inexpensive and affordable for the middle class of Karachi.
  • Tri-bikes are the new buzz in the area that attracts a lot of youngsters towards the amazing ride. These can be booked on hourly rate basis.
  • Recently constructed Cineplex cinema providing entertainment with International movies is a hot-shot for residents of Clifton, Karachi.
  • Self-cooking is an adorable choice for the people.
  • The Floodlights Charm has a different feel and zest in the night that totally turnover the night scene. Just as we see the sunset happening, right after that the floodlights provide the electrifying effect on the whole area. It lightens up the beach and view of lights can be seen from a far distance.

Moreover, the view of the sunset is awesome from the beach, when it seems that the sun has kissed the earth and sky. The large waves flowing in and trembling on the seashore for miles on end is an eye-catching, spectacular breathtaking view and a natural “tranquilizer” to wrap up all kind of stress and tensions.

Food Street Restaurants

While moving deep down towards the right side of the Sea view, we will see hundreds of fine-dine and lined restaurants in a straight line. These small restaurants are very spacious and have wooden materials used in the construction of the shops, the food offered is Continental, Chinese, Pakistani and mix Asian food. The seafood is of spectacular taste and value as it is been cooked in Pakistani recipes.

Other Attractions

There are a number of attractions other than this beautiful beach. Just like:

  • Manora Island
  • Hawk’s Bay
  • Paradise Point
  • Sonehra Point
  • French Beach
  • Sandspit
  • Cape Mount


Pakistan’s coastal line consists of 1,046 km, having beaches of Balochistan and Sindh, the western provinces of Pakistan. Clifton Beach is located in Sindh and at the bank of the Arabian Sea. The beautiful and sizzle spot is located neighboring Saddar Town ” The Central City”.


A view of sunset from the beach