Chitral is situated at the altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, on the west bank of Chitral River (also known as Kunar River), in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.  It is famous for being placed at the foot of Tirich Mir (the highest peak of the Hindu Kush with the height of 7,708 m), indigenous Kalash tribe, green valleys, glacial rivers, wildlife and snowy peaks.

See & Do

Shahi Masjid (in English, Emperor Mosque) is famous for its cultural architectural style, built in 19th century by Shujaul Mulk, who has been the Mehtar of Chitral from 1895 to 1936.

Sahi Qila (Fort of Chitral) was also built in the 19th century along the Shahi Mosque, being famous for its architectural style.

Chitral Museum shares history and culture of Chitral people specially Kalash people and has various combat instruments, weapons, antiques, and other stuff from the old times of monarchies.

Kalash tribe is a minority pagan tribe, famous for its non-Muslim customs and a tourist attraction in the Islamic country, Pakistan.

Governor Cottage, Chitral is another beautiful building in the area and one can easily see the Tirich Mir during a clear weather.

Barmoghlasht is resort built on the landscape, situated at a distance of 14.5 Km from Chitral city. It is surrounded by greenery and dry mountains of Hindukush region.

Ayun Valley is situated on the way to Kalash Valley, can be sited from the bank of Chitral River.

Garam Chasma is famous for its hot springs and the water over there is perceived to be medication to cure the skin disorders and maladies, since centuries. The site is also considered as a favorite place for rock climbers.

The well-known Shandur Pass connects Gupis, Gilgit with Chitral, situated 3738 m above sea level. Every year, during Shandur Top Polo Festival, a match is played between a team from Chitral and a team from Gilgit which attracts thousands of tourist around the world.

Get In

There are four mountain passes to enter in the Chitral, one of them is the Shandur Pass and others are Dohra Pass, Lowari Pass and Broghol Pass. By Car, one can reach after about 8 to 10 hours’ drive from Islamabad to Chitral further, when passes are open, minibusses also run from Pershawar to Chitral through Lowari Pass taking about 12 hours.


A view of Chitral City