Chiniot is a historical city of Pakistan, it is the main city of the Chiniot District in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan. The city is mainly known for its amazing and unique wooden furniture and for its great architecture. Chiniot consists of many historic and architecturally constructed Havelis, Mosques and other buildings.

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It is located at a distance of 40 km from nearest city Faisalabad, It is situated at the left bank of the Chenab river consists of rocky and bounty hills. The city is spread over about 10 square km.


Digging into the ancient history, reveals the importance of Chiniot more importantly  during Mughals’ era as the city stood at a prestigious pedestal, being an inter-provincial trade centre. Its craftsmen were scattered all over the sub-continent, contributing to the marvelous architecture of imperial Mughal buildings all over it like Agra, Delhi and Lahore. The city was considered the richest jewel set in one of the picturesque valleys in the area. Even after centuries passed, it still stands on a rock (outcrop of rocks) barely two miles away where the Chenab makes its way through and in the process builds up an island of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur. Moreover, a grove of date palms provides cool shade.

Naming It

Just like a folk tale, it is said that in ancient times, a hindu princess named “Chandanvatti” was really much fascinated by the romance that prevailed almost all the time on the river bank, whenever she visited the Chenab. She, then, decided to build a city along the river itself. So a city was built at her wish and it was named Chand Niyot after the time passed it was modified in rapid name Chiniot.

Famous For

City is famous for:

  • Beautiful Mosque
  • Shrines of Saints
  • Furniture Art
  • Chenab River
  • Rocky hills