Astola Island is a small uninhabited island, being famous for Pakistan’s hidden gem in the Arabian Sea, situated at approximately 39 km (24 mi) southeast of the fishing port of Pasni, Balochistan, Pakistan. The Island is also known as Jezira Haft Talar (in English, ‘Island of the Seven Hills’) due to its series of seven small hillocks.

Physical Features

Astola Island is about 246 ft above from sea level, with approximately 6.7 km of length and 2.3 km in width. It is being used for the base by fishermen and remains free from human interference between June and August because of rough sea and high tides.


The sea remains calm during the winter season so the perfect time to visit the island is winters.

It is reported that the island is also an habitat of a large number of breeding turtle, the endangered Green turtle, and the Hawksbill turtle also live at the foot of the cliffs.

There is also a small mosque, named after the Muslim Sufi, Pir Khawaja Khizr, which is used by fishermen during the season.

Among Hindus, the island is also called ‘Satadip’ due to the presence of ruins of an ancient temple of Hindu goddess ‘Kali’.

It is also popular for eco-tourism, however, there are no lodging facilities, for an overnight stay, you will need to camp over the island with your own provisions.

Get In

The island is about 39 km from Pasni, from where Motorized boats take maximum five hours to reach the site.

Stay Safe

These are no source of fresh water on the island however, a tree ‘Keeker’ may help in the harsh conditions. Further, stay away from the jellyfish as it only looks pretty.


The view of Astola Island from a boat

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Seagulls seen at Astola Island - Photo Credit Dawn News